Gondor Primulon

by The Psychics

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The Psychics second single off upcoming album, "You Don't Have To Be Afraid"


You will know me by the textbook in my hand,
Grasp the knowledge that you don't understand,
I don't play but I calculate a score,
My interests lie, in fantasy and lore,

Dance along you don't have to be afraid,
Drink the nectar that Mother Matthew made,
You have a path it's the road you choose, your on,
As for me I'm a Gondor Primulon

When the sun comes up you look into the mirror,
Put on your face and you try to show no fear,
I can't hide it this is what I have to be,
One of the hiders in a world of make believe,

Gondor Primulon

Move onward sun,
The day was long, Entire sun,
Feel clouds fade, Into horizon,
Lay your head, Close to home,
Chilled outside, Know where your heart lies,
All we see, Is in your mind's eye,
Rest your mind, Let out a sigh,
Love will be,
With you tonight.

Open up, time to unwind,
Your body rests, happily,
Place your love, into your dreams,
The day was long,
Now you are free.


released May 10, 2014
Recorded at Coffee Shop Studios, Winnipeg
Produced by Colin Jesson and The Psychics
Cody Valentonis- Bass & Vocals
Paige Drobot- Guitar & Vocals
Kerrigan Salnikowski- Drums & Vocals

with special guest Doug Wilson on flute



all rights reserved


The Psychics Winnipeg, Manitoba

THE PSYCHICS are song writing duo Paige Drobot and Cody Rey Valentonis, in many forms, over many lifetimes.

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